Canamix peristaltic pumps are built to handle the toughest pumping duties in process industries. Whether it’s pumping whole fish or corrosive chemicals, you can trust our expertly designed pumps to deliver results day-in and day-out. Here’s what makes our C-Series of peristaltic pumps so reliable. 

Decades Of Experience

With over 45 years of experience, we know what works, but more importantly, we know what doesn’t. Armed with this knowledge, we’ve been able to improve upon standard peristaltic pump design. We’ve increased the size of the pump housing, enabling the rollers to be in contact with the pump hose for a longer period of time. This translates to a higher volume of material being pumped per revolution. In fact, it’s not unusual to see our pumps moving twice the volume of material versus our competitors. 

We’ve also built and installed pumps across a range of process industries, from fishing to pharmaceuticals. In one of our most recent projects, we shipped a C-150 (our largest peristaltic pump in the C-Series) across the country to Newfoundland, where it will be used to pump thickener underflow. This metallurgical pulp contains 70% solids and requires a powerful peristaltic pump for operation.

Our pumps are also the standard for organic waste treatment plants in British Columbia. Peristaltic pumps are a clean alternative to centrifugal pumps, progressive cavity pumps, and other options typically used to transport fluid waste material. 

Canamix peristaltic pumpThoughtful Design

We’ve engineered our products with longevity in mind. For instance, the area of a peristaltic pump prone to the highest wear is—without a doubt—the internal hose. With every rotation of the rollers, the hose is flattened before rebounding back to its original shape. This constant compression means that standard hoses break down quickly, especially when you add in any chemicals running through the insides. We took on the challenge of creating a stronger, more resilient hose to increase equipment uptime. 

Our hoses are reinforced and ground to a smooth finish, resulting in a high degree of concentricity. These factors, in combination with less abrasive rollers, allow our hoses to have a greater life expectancy than competitive designs. This not only keeps the equipment performing longer but also saves you costs associated with buying replacement parts. 

Canamix peristaltic pump parts are also compatible with other pump designs. Whether you need an internal hose, hose connector, or gear drive, you can use our durable parts to your advantage, no matter what peristaltic pump you have. 

A Wide Range Of Sizes

With 11 different sizes, there isn’t a job that our peristaltic pumps can’t tackle.

Canamix peristaltic pump size chart

Are you looking for a durable and robust pumping solution? Are you looking for creative ways to save on OPEX costs? Contact Canamix to get a free quote on our peristaltic pumps today.