Peristaltic pumps are a type of positive displacement pump used to move liquids and semi-liquids. They rely on a process called peristalsis created by rollers that move along a flexible pump hose which creates flow. This design prevents contamination of the pumping fluid as the only part of the pump that comes into contact with the fluid is the inside of the hose. Many other styles of pumps require the fluids to move past the pumping system, like an impeller. This is one of the main reasons that peristaltic pumps are a very popular choice among process industries. 

At Sepro Mixing, we create pumping solutions for a variety of industries. Our C-Series pumps range in sizes as small as 0.2m3/hr, all the way to 110m3/hr to handle the toughest jobs. Here’s how your industry can benefit from a Sepro C-Series Peristaltic Pump

Pumps for Chemical Processing

Peristaltic pumps are relied upon in the chemical industry as they provide a safe and effective means to transport corrosive, abrasive, and harmful compounds. Robust peristaltic hoses are made to withstand even the harshest materials. Since there are no internal components, maintenance is easy, leaks are rare, and there is no chance of outside contamination. All of these benefits make peristaltic pumps essential for chemical industries. 

Construction, Building, and Renovations

Large quantities of wet sand, mud, slurries, and other materials need to be transported during construction. Typically construction sites use human labour to shovel material into wheelbarrows, haul them out of the construction area, then dump it. Alternatively a well designed peristaltic pump can save costs on labour and transport these materials more effectively than manual options. This also frees up your staff to focus on other important duties. 

Waste and Water Treatment Plants

From pumping organic waste to dosing chemicals in water treatment plants, peristaltic pumps are the ideal choice. Peristaltic pumps provide an accurate flow without using valves and balls, which can corrode and become clogged. If necessary, the pumps can function in reverse to bring chemicals back to the source so no chemicals are left in the line. 

Fishing Industry

Fisheries can benefit from using peristaltic pumps too! With hoses large enough for whole fish to fit through, the fishing industry can transport their daily catch in a fast and cost-effective manner. In addition, squid, offal, oil, fish paste, and other semi-solids can be handled easily by peristaltic pumps without becoming damaged. This saves the cost of manual labour while speeding up transportation speed, which is important for a fresh product. 

Mining and Mineral Processing 

Mining and mineral processing operations require transporting corrosive, abrasive, and viscous materials throughout their plants making peristaltic pumps their ideal solution. With accurate flow rates, robust hoses, sealless designs, and low operating costs, mineral processing operations are able to reliably pump materials like cyanide safely.

Benefits of the C-Series Peristaltic Pump

Sepro’s C-Series Peristaltic Pumps come in 11 sizes and can displace twice the volume of traditional peristaltic pumps. We’ve also developed our line of peristaltic pump hoses which are 45% less expensive than the traditional market price, yet remain just as durable. This increases cost-savings for our clients. To learn more about peristaltic pumps and how they can benefit you, contact Sepro Mixing and Pumping.

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