At Sepro Mixing, we are always innovating our products to ensure we provide you with the most effective equipment on the market. This video series breaks down the importance of agitator impeller design and the negative impact of sub-optimal diameter, distance, and flow for solids suspension applications. Many agitators are designed to minimize manufacturing costs, however, by cutting corners with impeller design, agitators may not perform optimally. We ensure our agitators are specifically engineered for the duty required, whether it is for flow, gas dispersion, chemical reaction, solids suspension, or a combination of these. 

Up-Pumping Vs Down-Pumping

In the mixing industry, it is sometimes assumed that up-pumping agitation is most effective for solids suspension – but this is a misconception. This video demonstrates an up-pumping impeller versus a down-pumping impeller and makes it clear why a down-pumping impeller is the ideal design for a solids suspension application. Our experts are always here to help and provide you with reliable information – contact us today! 

The Effects of Impeller Diameter

While working with clients on site, the Sepro Mixing team frequently encounters impellers that are too small and running at high speed as this is less expensive to manufacture. This video demonstrates the effectiveness of optimal impeller diameter and speed for solids suspension, and why the wrong impeller diameter can cause mixing failure regardless of speed. The correct impeller diameter ensures solids do not continually deposit and build up on the tank bottom, which is a common cause of agitator failures in the field. Our agitators are designed to improve mixing performance and meet any mixing objective.

The Effects Of Off-Bottom Impeller Distance

Did you know that the incorrect off-bottom impeller distance can cause agitator failure? Regardless of speed, if the distance between the impeller and the bottom of the mixing tank is too high, sufficient flow cannot be generated and solids will settle. Impellers that are too close to the bottom of the tank can cause increased wear costs as well. With decades of practical experience with all applications of mixing, the Sepro team believes in long-term value and design in all of our equipment to deliver optimal performance in the toughest conditions.
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