Think of a situation where you needed to transport large quantities of liquids, chemicals, slurries, mud, wet sand or any viscous matter. How did you end up moving it? Did your team spend precious time shovelling and hauling it with wheelbarrows? Did you use a complicated conveyor system? For such a simple task, moving liquids can be a tough, even dangerous job. Peristaltic pumps can safely and effectively transport liquids across worksites to save your project time and money.

Which Liquids Use Peristaltic Pumps?

Almost any liquid or semi-liquid can be pumped with a Canamix peristaltic pump. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Corrosive or potentially harmful chemicals including cyanide.
  • Abrasive and viscous liquids.
  • Fluids containing solid debris or contaminants.
  • Wet sand, mud, and slurries.
  • Whole fish, squid, fish paste, fish carcasses and offal.
  • Organic waste.

Canamix peristaltic pumps come in 11 different sizes depending on the type and amount of material being processed. This gives our pumps applications across many different industries from construction and mining to food processing and waste treatment.

How Can Peristaltic Pumps Save Money?

Any situation that requires moving large quantities of liquid or semi-liquid matter can save on operational costs with a peristaltic pump. Take for example the construction industry where wet sand, drilling mud, slurries, and other viscous matter need to be transported out of the construction area. Traditional methods would use human labour to load up wheelbarrows, haul them out, and dump. A peristaltic pump solution would be able to transport 110 m3/hr of matter across the site without the manual effort. This allows your staff to focus on other jobs requiring a more personal touch.

The fishing industry faces similar challenges. Whole fish, fish carcasses, fish paste, and other fish products are mostly transported with forklifts. These products can all be transported quickly and effectively to their next destination with peristaltic pumps.

Fast, Economical, Safe

Any time liquids are brought into the workplace the chances for injuries increases. Slips, trips, and falls make up 60,000 workplace injuries every year in Canada and can cost employers upwards of $20,000. This includes worker and equipment replacement, downtime, legal expenses and other expenditures. Peristaltic pumps can prevent slips, trips and falls by transporting these slippery liquids instead of manual effort from your staff.

To ensure the safe and productive operation of your peristaltic pump, Canamix will train your key personnel while also supervising the installation and commissioning of the equipment. With some further optimization of your new pumping system, you’ll be on your way to saving time and money. To get started, send Canamix a message about our peristaltic pumps or give us a call at 1-604-465-9920.