Did you know that Sepro Mixing and Pumping offers a wide range of heavy-duty horizontal slurry pumps in addition to their peristaltic pumps, tank pumps and agitators?

You may already be familiar with our line of tank pumps, which include the iPump, VT40/50/80 and our HDVT50. Not many people know that we also stock some of the best slurry pumps around! We are the exclusive distributor in BC for the Curve pumps, and our Canada-based team of mixing experts are always available to help you pick out the best pump for your application.

If you are unfamiliar with the advantages of horizontal slurry pumps, one of the benefits of using a Curve pump include reducing total ownership cost on top of other specific benefits.

Reduce Total Ownership Cost

These pumps are designed to save on electricity and water using smart engineering and quality designs. Improved flow profiles using high chrome sealing will reduce maintenance costs over the long run, while quick-release bolts allow for easy set-up and maintenance with three-step assembly.

While all the slurry pumps that we sell use efficient designs and engineering, some of our pumps offer specific advantages for your application:

  • The S-Range variety of slurry pumps use a curved vane profile for increased efficiency, while natural flow inlet profiles result in reduced recirculation.
  • The VS and VSR range of slurry pumps are designed for high specific gravities and are designed to work under harsh conditions, including corrosive applications and abrasive environments. These pumps can operate in run dry conditions, giving them some unique benefits over other pump profiles.
  • The Verti range are gravel pumps that are designed for a long-life span, using high-chrome wet ends to support efficient operation and reduce maintenance needs.
  • The International range of pumps use external casing to provide high operating pressure capabilities. The liners in these pumps are bolted on instead of glued for easier maintenance.

Sepro also offers dewatering pumps for high-head duty and contaminated water applications. We also offer the battlestream range of pumps for heating circulation, drainage, and other applications that use contaminated liquids. These are specifically designed for industrial needs, and conform to the DIN 24255 (EN733:1995) standard.

Interested in technical information or getting a quote? Contact Sepro Mixing and Pumping today!

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