Last Updated: October 18, 2023

Sepro Mixing and Pumping is pleased to address our international audience with an updated brochure of our products and services. You can find our brochure here:

In addition to our portfolio of pumps and hoses, we also provide a wide array of agitators for solids suspension, solvent extraction, gas dispersion, and more. Our Large size top entry agitators are typically used in mineral processing on CIL, leaching, neutralization, and other general mixing duties. We use Aerofoil low solidity impellers, with helical drives specifically designed for the arduous duties required for agitators in viscous slurries.

When it comes to quality, you can rely on our dedicated Quality department to ensure each product leaving the facilities is up to our standards. We pride ourselves in delivering quality products that are optimized for your application, which is why we use proprietary in-house sizing software to develop the best agitation system for all process requirements.

Mixing Experience with Technology

Sepro Mixing and Pumping has made waves (pun not intended) with our Computational Fluid Dynamics technology. We collaborate with our customers, using CFD to tackle complex cases of non-standard geometrical properties, complex rheology, and multiphase simulations where gas, fluids and solids interact.

CFD can provide useful (and often critical) information about fluid behavior during early stages of system design at low cost and short time. You can learn more about Computational Fluid Dynamics here:

Sepro Mixing and Pumping draws from over 40 years of troubleshooting and problem-solving to ensure the best solution is delivered to each customer.

When you choose Sepro Mixing and Pumping, you’re drawing from a team of experts with direct process knowledge on your application. For more information about our selection of pumps and agitators, please feel free to contact Ahraz Salmany ([email protected]).

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