If you’ve worked in the mixing industry long enough, you’ve probably heard multiple subject matter experts proclaim that mixer impellers are the brains of any mixing unit. It goes without saying that the shape of your impeller will greatly influence the results of your process! When designing your mixing unit, you should always consult an experienced engineer.
At Sepro Mixing and Pumping, not only do we use computational fluid dynamics (CFD) technology to optimize our equipment designs, but we also use a variety of quality impellers to cater to the needs of our customers.
From hydrofoil impellers to bar turbine impellers, we work with multiple impeller configurations for different applications. Here are some impeller designs that may be applicable for your mixing application:

Hydrofoil CHF

A hydrofoil impeller is used for many flow-driven applications including blending and solids suspension. CHV and CHG impellers have a higher aeration number, which means that they can handle a higher amount of air without flooding and without settling any solids out.
Interested in avoiding impeller flooding? Check out this video on just that:

Hydrofoil CHV

High flow hydrofoil CHV configuration is used for elevated viscosity product where conventional impellers don’t work.

Hydrofoil CHG

High solidity hydrofoil CHG impeller is used on gassed applications where conventional impellers lose pumping capacity due to flooding.

Specialty Impellers

Sometimes, common impeller designs simply are not the best choice for your mixing application. In these scenarios, Sepro offers more than 60 different impeller configurations to ensure that your impeller fits specific process requirements.

If you are interested in learning which impeller works best for your mixing needs, contact Sepro Mixing and Pumping to connect with our mixing experts. We stock dozens of different impeller designs, including but not limited to:

  • Bar turbine
  • Pitch blade turbine
  • Rushton turbine
  • Smith turbine
  • Saw tooth
  • Pumper impeller
  • Folding blades impeller
  • And many more!

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