Do you have some kind of thick, corrosive, semi-solid slurry that needs to be moved around but you’re not quite sure how to do it? You may have considered moving the material manually with forklifts or wheelbarrows. Unfortunately, these options can be time-consuming, not to mention expensive and potentially unsafe. Perhaps you’ve even thought about automating the process using pumps! But, won’t your chunky, muddy, thick-as-syrup slurry clog the hoses and pump? Not if you use a Sepro peristaltic pump!

Our peristaltic pumps have been used by process industries with great success, pumping a wide range of materials. They also give you the added bonus of freeing up your workforce so you can prioritize more important duties rather than shovelling material and moving it manually around your worksite. 

So, what exactly can our peristaltic pumps pump? Let’s find out!


Whether whole or chopped, our peristaltic pumps can help the fishing industry transport their daily catch. The hoses are large enough that fish can fit through without being damaged in the process. It’s not just limited to fish either! Squid, fish paste, offal, oil, and other semi-solids can be pumped through our peristaltic pumps. Transporting fish in this way is both cost-effective and fast, so you can spend more time actually fishing. 


Thick syrups like honey (and of course, maple syrup) can easily be pumped with a peristaltic pump. Food-grade hoses are available for all sizes of our pumps. Also, since the pumped material is contained inside the hose, it does not come in contact with any internal pump parts which prevents contamination.

Organic Waste

Our peristaltic pumps can be found in many organic waste treatments plants in British Columbia. Pumping organic waste can be tough on pumps—you can find absolutely anything in this rotting slurry! As the thick and chunky organic waste breaks down, CO2, methane, and other gases are released—and all get pumped too.


Sand processing plants have been using our peristaltic pumps with excellent results. In one such installation, our pumps are transporting a high solid slurry of sand 1200ft with a rise of 100ft in elevation! Since our peristaltic pumps are so powerful, these requirements are easily met.

Corrosive Materials

Chemical and mineral processing industries can both take advantage of our peristaltic pumps. Whether you’re transporting an acid or a base, chemical leaching agent or hydrochloric acid, we’ve got you covered with a wide range of robust hose materials.

This is just a quick rundown of some of the most difficult materials that our equipment can handle. If you’re looking to save on labour and increase your outputs (whatever they may be) consider adding peristaltic pumps to your operation. Contact Sepro Mixing & Pumping for more details.