High Flow and Low Tip Speeds: Cost-Effective Agitators For Solids Suspension Duties

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Custom designs prevent wear and tear over long-term use.

When it comes to your solids suspension mixing needs, you shouldn’t lose time or money, no matter how complex the project.

Not only are our agitators designed to prevent premature impeller wear over time, Sepro’s experience-based knowledge of agitators ensures you’ve got the right equipment for the right application.  

Long-term value is important to us and improved through high flow designs with low-tip speeds, high-quality materials and rubber lining, and special impeller designs means optimal performance through tough conditions.

Sepro’s designs can improve mixing performance, meeting any mixing objective: 

  • Off-bottom suspension: Coarse particles are slightly agitated, reducing wear
  • Complete uniformity: Solids concentration is 95% consistent in any section of the tank
  • Full tank utilization: Prevent solids build-up
  • Leaching tanks and reaction vessels: improve solid, liquid and gas mixing
  • Feed, buffer and holding tanks: Improve process stability

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