From Food Safe to Exotic Chemicals, Sepro’s Blending Tank Agitators Have You Covered

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Improved Performance Through Efficient and Homogeneous Blending


Whatever blending applications or process goals are facing you, Sepro Mixing and Pumping can meet your objectives with our latest, high-quality agitators; perfect for any project.

We offer complete blending solutions due to our extensive process knowledge and background in agitators. Our correct impeller selection is based on high or low viscosity blending – so you don’t have to do the guesswork. 

Sepro’s blending tank agitators are engineered with a wide range of applications in mind, including: 

  • Exotic chemical blending   
  • Paint mixing
  • Shear sensitive mixing or gentle blending (flocculants, polymer chains and sensitive powders)
  • Food and beverage, food safe
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemicals
  • And more!

The Finer Details

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Blending Tank Agitator Components

Agitator Shafts

Shafts are manufactured to a stringent straightness tolerance of 1mm/metre of shaft length. Often, half of this limit is achieved with other standard agitator shafts. Ears are attached to circular hubs using deep penetrating continuous welds, which are systematically dye penned. Ears are never attached directly to hollow shafts. Hubs and ears are machined using CNC machines to minimise clearances between ear and hub; this ensures weld strength.

Mounting Bases

Mounting bases are critical components in ensuring gearboxes are correctly aligned and mounted to the beams or structure. This reduces the potential for twisting or flexing of the gearbox housing — a common cause of failure of proprietary gearboxes. All large, top entry Sepro Mixing agitators are fitted with integral mounting bases, or pedestals where necessary. All bases have machined pads, at the top and bottom, to ensure accurate and positive alignment

Large Sepro Mixing Impeller Blades

Impeller Blades

Sepro Mixing manufactures impellers for all applications, including high viscosity duty. However, as most applications are either flow or shear dependent, the Sepro Mixing CHF range of high flow impellers, or the Sepro Mixing CHG range of high efficiency gas dispersers, are the workhorses of the Sepro Mixing stable. Other impellers available are flat blade radials, pitch blade turbines, high viscosity anchors and helical impellers. We also build specialized impellers for pumping, foam breaking dispersion and Solvent Extraction.

Impellers can be manufactured in all materials, including exotics. They can  be supplied coated in rubber, urethane, epoxy or other specialized materials. Impeller blades are carefully checked to ensure that tolerances on angle, camber and curve are maintained. Out-of-spec blades are rejected. Blades are machined where hub and ear attach to ensure flatness. Often, the problem of loose blades is caused by blade flexing, resulting from a lack of flatness and poor contact with the hub ears.

Impeller blades in excess of 2″ thick and 21ft in diameter have been manufactured by Sepro Mixing in Canada.

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