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Sepro Mixing applies experience-based knowledge and technical expertise to high quality fluid mixing systems for use in mining, chemical, pharmaceutical, paper, and water treatment industries.

Whether an application requires flow, gas dispersion, chemical reaction, solids suspension or a combination of all four, there is a Sepro mixer agitator specifically engineered for the duty!

Our Lineup


solids suspension agitator

Solids Suspension

Uniquely sized and designed for every application. Proper suspension with lower power and lower wear than competitors.


Solvent Extraction

We have the design software and process expertise required to ensure good droplet dispersion, adequate flow and hydraulic efficiency.


Gas Dispersion

Custom impeller selection and design to ensure effective retention and gas dispersion even under high gas flow conditions.


Blending Applications

Efficient blending throughout the whole tank for standard and shear sensitive materials.

attrition scrubbing agitator

Attrition Scrubbing

Higher throughput, less wear and efficient use of power in the most intensive attrition scrubbing applications.

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We Can Also Help With:

Installation Supervision Icon

Installation Supervision

We ensure your factory-spec equipment is installed properly to maximize your operation’s success.

Commissioning Icon


We provide commissioning when your new equipment is integrated into a new – or existing – operation to improve bottom-line results and safety.

Customer Support Icon

Customer Support

Sepro’s team is comprised of experienced and knowledgeable engineers and support staff, with a combined experience of more than 45 years.

Automation Support Icon

Automation Support

With installations in more than 94 countries around the world, Sepro’s technical team are experts in using automation training to drive recovery volumes and safety.

Training Icon


To ensure a safe and productive operation of your equipment, Sepro will train key personnel and supervise the installation and commissioning of the equipment.

Lab Work Icon

Lab Work

Our in-house metallurgical testing facility is available to provide insightful lab work no matter which stage your project is at.