Canamix (now Sepro Mixing) provides mixing solutions for all process applications. By switching up the agitator impeller, size and shape of the mixing vessel, and the mixing speed, we can deliver optimal results for your unique agitation application. Our knowledge of fluid dynamics helps us select the ideal combination of mixing variables to provide optimal results.

During the design process, a critical decision to make is whether to use radial or axial flow patterns in your mixer agitator.

Understanding the difference between these two flow patterns is essential for providing our customers with the best solution. Here’s what you need to know about these two main types of flow patterns.

Axial Flow

Agitator impellers with pitched blades mix solutions with axial flow, also known as a top-to-bottom. The mixing solution is pulled down along the agitator shaft. Upon reaching the impeller, it is pushed to the bottom of the vessel and flows out and up the sides of the tank back to the top.

Axial flow pattern.

This mixing pattern typically happens at high speeds, and to prevent rotational flow, baffles are required on the mixing vessel. Ideal applications for axial flow mixer agitators include low viscosity bulk blending, mixing solids that usually settle at the tank bottom, or blending two or more liquids.

For a high product flow, axial is the way to go.

Radial Flow

When the impeller blades are aligned parallel to the agitator shaft, a radial flow mixing pattern will emerge. The mixing solution is pushed radially (outward) from the impeller. Upon reaching the mixing vessel’s wall, the solution divides into two streams, one flowing up, and the other flowing down to the bottom of the tank. These streams are then drawn back to the impeller where this process repeats. This type of flow pattern creates a swirling vortex that must be reduced by baffles for efficient mixing to take place.

Radial flow pattern.

A mixer agitator using a radial flow pattern is best used when mixing highly viscous material, breaking up solids, and for dispersion or emulsion.

The Canamix Difference

Canamix brings 45 years of mixing experience to our customers. With our knowledge of fluid dynamics and robustly made agitators, we can provide you with the ideal solution to fit your unique needs. To get the best mixer agitator solution, contact our team of experts. We can also provide you with a free quote for any future project.